Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting the better pair

God has talked to me a lot about the difference between what is "good" and what is "best." We are so quick to settle for something good when what God really wants for us is the best thing. Jeremy and I were totally confident that the house we didn't get was the best thing. Then we didn't get it. That means there has to be a better thing - or a better way out there.
Today we looked at apartments. Neither of us are ecstatic about apartment living. We are two country kids who like grass and yards, but the kids and I need to get to Parma. We looked at an apartment, the last available apartment. It was fine. I was ready for anything that didn't have bugs as long as we were all together. Our leasing agent told us we needed pay stubs and money orders (for our processing whatevers). I left the pay stubs in my car so we had to run and grab them and come back. The agent said, "No one is going to come in the next half an hour and rent it. You will be fine."
We left and came back.
She started our conversation with "Funny story..." Now, I really wasn't in the mood for a funny story at this point in time. There wasn't a whole lot that was going to make me laugh!
The people who were in the office when we arrived who were speaking with another agent rented the apartment while we were gone! I'm not even joking! As I was getting ready to bang my head off of the wall, agent B came over to save the day. The complex has a model apartment that has been upgraded. They are not allowed to show it because not all of the apartments have (get this) granite counter tops and new cabinets and they would show one apartment, but then have to rent out a lesser apartment. They got permission to rent us the model apartment at the same price. It has a better view and the same layout, it's just new!
Jeremy has loved telling this story. As he mentioned it to a friend at church she said, "This is just an example of what God is going to do for you with the house."
It is a perfect example of finding the "good" when God wants us to have the best! I wonder what God thinks sometimes of our wishes. I'm ready to settle for a room without bugs and he wants to give me granite counter tops!


  1. Our God is so awesome! He has in store for us way more than we can imagine! This journey will only get better lady! God will show you over and over again how faithful He is!