Wednesday, August 8, 2012

changing my heart

Every time I pray about what to post here, God has me post something he's taught me. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm whining all of the time! I'm just in a season of a lot of learning! My heart is being changed in many ways as my type A/beaver personality is being pulled and stretched in more ways than I ever thought possible!
When Jeremy and I made the decision to leave Kinsman and come to Parma, I had to quit my job. It was way more difficult for me to walk away from teaching than it was for Jer. His calling is ministry and working in the church. I always felt that my calling was the public high school.
I prayed a lot about this as opportunities for this school year started popping up as I made the decision to leave. Some old professors wanted me to have a student teacher. I had just won a grant that provided my classroom with a great deal of technology. Other things popped up here and there. I remember praying and asking God about this. He spoke to my heart about the difference between opportunities for Him and opportunities for work - kind of a kingdom vs. earthy thing. I have clung to that moment.
Now that it's time for school to start, I MISS school. I drive by the high school here (one of the 3) and wonder what the teachers are doing and how they are getting ready. I envy my husband who will be teaching junior high in the school at our church.
God reminded me today of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8. Philip was thriving in ministry in Samaria. There were crowds and miraculous signs. People were freed and healed. Then God moved him. It doesn't say why. It just says an angel came and told him to go down the road. So Philip left, and God led him to the Ethiopian who needed the scriptures explained to him. God led Philip to someone else who needed him.
I know that is what God has done. He has shifted us to a place with kingdom opportunities. This is where I am trying to focus my thoughts.
I've learned over the past month to just pray for God to change my heart. It is way easier for him to make my heart like his than it is for me to demand he make things the way I want them. I've learned that things God's way are better anyway. 

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  1. I am smiling. I remember actually missing it too and how this lesson applies to so many other areas.