Monday, January 7, 2013

Reprioritizing ...

Sorry for the delay in posts. Hopefully, this post will explain things...

Since I have made the switch from teaching high school to teaching junior high, I have learned quickly that we need to layout priorities for students and often explain to students what their priorities are - whether they want it or not. God has been doing this very thing for me. While I tell my students things like, "If you want to act like elementary kids, then I'll treat you like elementary kids;" My poor God is looking at me and saying, "If you want to act like a junior high student, then I'll treat you like one."
I am a workaholic. The more I have to do, the more I feel like I get gone. I've been wanting to go back to school for a few months now. While everyone screams that I'm crazy - I've signed up for classes to get my certificate to preach. I'm trying to build my own business. I work full time, help my husband in ministry, have two kids, and I'm pregnant. I feel like I'm doing great, but I put a lot of things - important things - aside so that I can get other things done.
God is after me to listen to him and learn. When we first moved to Parma, I spent a lot of time with just my kids in our tiny apartment. I prayed a lot, talked to God a lot, asked for answers a lot. Now I just feel like I'm plodding along because I don't have time to ask him questions, let a lone wait for answers. I haven't blogged because I haven't asked him what I should write and when he does give me something, "I don't have time" to write it down.
Then I read Matthew 14. This chapter starts with the beheading of John the Baptist. Verse 13 says, "When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him ...". Jesus wanted to be alone, to rest, to pray, to mourn, to whatever. He didn't have time. However, the crowds followed him and he taught them anyway. He pushed through it and did it. He had a great excuse to just sit, but he taught - THEN he fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. THEN, he sent everyone away, went to pray, and walked on water!
We see Jesus go from a state of mourning with the desire to be alone to performing 2 amazing miracles. There goes my opportunity to make excuses.
I want what God wants, but I have to do it in his time and in his order. What wre we missing when we don't have time? When we are too tired? Or too busy? Or too sad? Or too _____? We may be missing our opportunities to be a part of  our greatest miracles. I don't want to miss out on the chance to be a witness to any of God's miracles, or be used as a conduit for God to create a miracle. No matter my excuse, I want to be ready to be used by Him!

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  1. You are super busy lady! I thought you were gonna let me know about classes...keep me posted. It is cool that God is helping you evaluate priorities...